Dr. Peter C. Burns,
Director of Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame
Director of Energy Frontier Research Center Materials Science of Actinides

Location of Research:
301 Stinson-Remick Hall, Notre Dame

Category of Research:

Working Title:
Synthesis of Uranium Complexes Involving Transition Metals

Discover, document, and develop new methods of synthesizing complex, uranium-based structures involving one or more transition metals using a variety of methods.

Research Plan: Put uranium, or a uranium based compound (i.e. uranyl nitrate), in a bomb, put it in a fancy oven and heat it up to around 220 degrees Celsius. Leave to bake for 3-10 days and see what the experiment has yielded. Manipulations of temperature, elements, ratios of constituent elements, duration of heating, and agitation will all be tested.

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