Mentor: Dr. Janna McLean

Location of Research: Bethel College

Category of Research: Animal Sciences: Genetics

Working Title: The Effects of P32 and cid on Segregation Distorter

Topic/problem: ‍We want to understand the mechanism of Segregation Distorter and to determine whether cid and P32 are involved in the mechanism

Research Plan:
The experimental groups are flies with curly wings and normal bristles, flies with straight wings and stubble bristle, and flies with curly wings and stubble bristles. The control group is flies with straight wings and normal bristles.

Met up with mentor on 11/18. Progress on project was seen
During mentor meet up on 1/5/17 the experimentAL crosses of both cid and P32 both did not have any offspring. The cross was setup on 12/21/16